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How to Clean an oven without Harsh Chemicals

How to Clean an Oven Without Harsh Chemicals

Have you ever looked at your oven and thought to yourself how will this ever look clean again? Well we will show you a simple none toxic solution.

Let’s face it, cleaning an oven is not on everyone’s wish list, however it is necessary from time to time. At Nova Cleaners we do a ton of move out cleanings and you bet the oven is always one of those items that needs a good cleaning. Most people prefer we use green cleaning options because using harsh chemicals to clean an oven where you make your food is just not that smart of an idea health wise. The simple yet effective approach that we will share with you below will leave your oven clean and healthy to use.

First step: Take a spray bottle and mix half vinegar and half water with a few drops of Dawn dish soap. Spray the whole oven until everything is saturated in this cleaning solution. Make sure to let this solution settle so it can work to loosen up all the stuck on grease.

Second step: Take the ever famous baking soda and sprinkle throughout the oven. At this point you should see the solution and the baking soda creating a bubbling effect. This will help loosen all the grease and stuck on food.

Third step: Spray more of the vinegar solution to help dissolve all the baking soda.

Fourth step: Take a none scratch scraper and start scrapping all the tough stuck on grease to help create more space for the solution to sink in to help loosen up the grease. You can also use the scraper in order to remove bigger amounts of stuck on grease or other debris from the oven. In doing so, you'll allow the cleaning mixture to penetrate more thoroughly through the grease, which in return means you'll have to scrub less. Fifth step: Take a dish sponge green (bristle) side up, soak in warm water and Dawn dish soap and use the sponge to scrub the soap in a circular motion to help further loosen the grease.

Sixth step: Use paper towel or a reusable cloth in order to absorb the excess liquid from the oven. Then use a microfiber cloth to wipe clean the oven so you get the desired shiny clean finish . If you follow these steps with the proper equipment and some elbow grease you will have a wonderful new looking oven without having to have used harsh chemicals. Here are some brands we use to get the job done at Nova Cleaners: Dawn Ultra Dish Soap, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, Allen Vinegar, Skrapr Surface Scraper.

If you need your oven cleaned because you are moving out and your landlord gave you a big to-do list, contact us and we will handle the to-do list for you.

Thank you for reading,

Nova Cleaners

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