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5 Reasons to Use Bona Solutions to Clean your Hardwood

5 Reasons to Use Bona Solutions to Clean your Hardwood

Having nice hardwood floors in your home is always a nice touch, but keeping them that way can be a challenge. Are you worried about damaging the finish? Do you often find your floors end up with leftover residue after you mop? At Nova Cleaners

we love using Bona hardwood floor cleaning solution and below we will share 5 reasons as to why you will love using Bona as well.

1-Greenguard Certified

A solution that cleans and shines your floors is great, but one that is also non-toxic for your family and the environment is even better. Bona is Greenguard certified so you can rest at ease that you are not cleaning your floors with chemicals that will harm your family or your expensive hardwood.

2- Quick Dry

The Bona hardwood cleaning solution is wonderful because it dries up quickly. Why is that great you ask? Because it limits the waiting time before you can use your freshly cleaned floors and most importantly it won’t leave a residue behind. This will help getting your floors to look clean without streaks.

3- No Mixing Needed

One thing that I always feel helps speed up floor cleaning is if you don’t have to mess around with mixing a solution. Bona comes ready to use from the bottle. This is also great in delivering consistent quality every use.

4- Makes your Floors Shine

Many products can lead to dull looking floors over time. The good thing about using Bona is it seems to bring out the shine. The more you use it the more shine you will get, and who doesn’t love the original glow they should have!

5- No Strong Smell

Having your floors look clean and shiny is nice but some products have a strong smell that seems to linger for some time after cleaning. If you are sensitive to scents or simply don’t care for them Bona is the way to go.

Now, no matter what type of mop system you like using Bona has products specifically designed for each application. For example, it can be bought in a spray bottle or in a big bottle to easily fill a bucket. And remember, no mixing is required. While some people think that the solution is more on the higher end price wise, we find it to fall in the average range and truly feel it is worth every penny. Try it and you can be the judge. Enjoy the mopping!

Thanks for reading! Nova Cleaners

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