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#1 rated office cleaning company

We offer top-rated office cleaning services in Lunenburg County and Halifax, NS. We go above and beyond to satisfy your needs by tailoring a cleaning service specific to your commercial space.

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The reason I started this company was because I wanted to offer a service that would stand out both in quality and reliability while offering fair pay, and a fair working environment for all employees. In a world of automated systems I wanted to remind people of professional and friendly human interaction."

Raphael Huwiler, CEO & Founder

Are you tired of unreliable office cleaning services?

If you pay top dollar you expect top-level service, right? How often have you experienced any of the following problems with your current/past cleaning providers?

The toilet bowl is cleaned but around and behind gets dirtier by the day?

Floors get mopped but soapy residue starts to build up?

Are details often overlooked?

Have you experienced frustration with the level of communication?  

Have you noticed that cleaners show up with smelly cleaning rags?

Have the cleaners not showed up?
We believe that nothing is done well without passion, so passion we bring. We refuse to hire anyone that doesn’t take pride in their work. That is why we guarantee to eliminate the top inconveniences by offering a top level cleaning service. 


1. Cleaners running late
We use software to track our employees to ensure they are always on time.

2. Cleaners never showed up to clean the office space
We do inspections to ensure quality work was done

3. Staff complaining about headaches or allergies due to harsh chemicals
We give you the choice of what cleaning solutions work best for you. Are you allergic to citrus? Not a problem, are you allergic to bleach? Not a problem, do you want a green product? We got you.

4. Floors not mopped well.
We offer clean floors without residue and streaks left behind because our staff is trained and we use the right equipment. We use mop systems that completely separate the clean and dirty water to make sure your floors will be left clean and sanitized.

5. Poor attention to detail
Our staff is properly trained to spot the details and motivated by our pay for performance pay structure giving them both the skill and the drive to deliver a quality service.

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